Jul 3, 2015

Elle & Shayne - Children Catalogue / Fashion Studio photoshoot - Clothing photography

Client :Elle & Shayne (www.elleshayne.com )
Model provided by client.
Photography by: www.inpix.com.my / www.siewk.com

Yet another one to add to the list of our neighbourhood clients (Wangsa Maju/ Melawati) . Local children clothing designer Elle & Shayne , with designs a mix of contemporary and classic - comfortable apparels for children.

They approached me for product photography for their latest collection . And we even did fashion/catalogue shoot for their latest Raya/ Ramadhan campaign. Photos to be featured in their e-commerce website too. 

Truly a fun-filled shoot , letting the models /children enjoy themselves. Behind the camera , i too feel the same ..  :)

                            kids model photoshoot clothing fashion kl wangsa maju melawati

children fashion catalogue photography photographer kl kuala lumpur selangor

malay fashion model photoshoot white background e-commerce kl selangor

clothing photography photographer designer studio photoshoot children editorial

fashion designer malaysia fashion campaign photoshoot

baju kurung raya ramadhan malay muslim fashion catalogue photoshoot photographer photograph

Jun 1, 2015

Clothing photography (Ghost mannequin photoshoot) for FLOW

Client : Flow (www.flowclothing.com
Photography by : www.inpix.com.my  / www.siewk.com

FLOW is a brand new fashion label for the curvy and full-figured woman. Carrying a provocative tagline 'you got curves?', FLOW offers a range of contemporary, casual, career and evening wear . 

2015 new long term collaboration with Flow  (Anaika Collections / Valiram group) .
Indeed , we are grateful for the opportunity given by them .
We have shot for the 4th collection so far and still counting for the months to come.
Sincerely would like to thank their stylist & designer teamwho are always helpful in shoot - so full of passion .

Women heels / Shoes product photography - Zorios

Shoes / heels product photography assignment for Zorios .Quality and trendy designed products that are sold in Lazada E-commerce website. 

Client : Zorios
Photography by : www.inpix.com.my  / www.siewk.com

sport sneaker shoes product photographer photography kuala lumpur

women heels product photographer photography malaysia selangor

women heels product photographer photoshoot malaysia penang kl

Skincare / Beauty product photography for Dermique

Recent skincare product photography done for Dermique  .
The photos were used for promotional purposes online .
Photography by : www.inpix.com.my & www.siewk.com

Toothbrush Product photography for Little Sam E-commerce website

Client : Little Sam (South Africa)

Toothbrush product photography for e-commerce website. 

Our returning customer who has collaborated with us for various catalogue and product shoots. Sincerely we would like to thank you for the support through the years.

Photography by : www.inpix.com.my 

Fit & Feminine by Joanna Soh - Lifestyle Photoshoot - Fitnesswear Clothing Photography

Client : Joanna Soh - Fit & Feminine 
Photography by: www.inpix.com.my & www.siewk.com
Product : Active / Fitness Wear ( Clothing Photography - Lifestyle Shoot)

Here the series of photos we took - sports/ lifestyle themed with Fit & Feminine activewear by Joanna Soh. Images captured to reflect the : " Wear it , Love it , Live it " tagline

clothing photographer kl kuala lumpur

clothing photography fitness wear sports

Fit & Feminine by Joanna Soh - Fitness/Active Wear (Clothing photography - Catalogue studio photoshoot)

Client : Joanna Soh - Fit & Feminine 
Photography by: www.inpix.com.my & www.siewk.com
Product : Active / Fitness Wear ( Clothing Photography ) 
Make up by : Alicia Chong

I've always believe that with passion and determination , anything is possible.
Which includes having your dream job come true!

Last month , Joanna Soh  a renowned Fitness Youtuber contacted me to arrange clothing photo session for her latest line of fitness / active wear "Fit & Feminine" . I propose both studio photography as well as lifestyle shoot to best represent her products. Here's the photos from the studio session. The lifestyle series will be shared on the next post.

Meanwhile do check out her Youtube Channel for the latest videos on fitness & health :)

fitness wear clothing photoshoot

fitness wear clothing photographer studio kl kuala lumpur

fit & feminine by joanna soh clothing fashion photoshoot

joanna soh sportswear female clothing photographer studio selangor

Dermique - Skincare / Beauty Product Photography - Selangor

Came to know Phyllis from Dermique through my client Albert (Maven Optics ) where i did his sunglass lens product photoshoot early this year.

Dermique is a renowned cosmeceuticals company with almost 16 branches nationwide - providing personal skin care solutions and they have an impressive series of beauty / skin care products available for their beauty treatment too. Last month , I had the privilege to photograph their products for catalogue print & website use. 

Client : Dermique
Photography by: www.inpix.com.my & www.siewk.com
skincare cosmetics beauty product photographer photography photo

skincare cosmetics beauty product photographer photography photo serum

skincare cosmetics beauty product photographer photography photo kuala lumpur
Dermique Ampoule

skincare cosmetics beauty product photographer photography photo selangor malaysia mask facial
Dermique Intensive Calming Masque /Mask

Skincare / Beauty Product Photography - Tiffani Beauty - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Am grateful throughout my career as photographer , be it Wedding or Product photographer - I get to meet really awesome and supportive clients . 

My collaboration with Kelly started way back in 2012 . Happy to see her online business in skincare and beauty products progressing well this few years. Her online store Tiffani Beauty carries various brands namely La'Derm , Skin Revolution , JF Beauty , Biothyst and lots more.

Below are my recent skincare product photos for Tiffani Beauty 

Client : Tiffani Beauty
Photography by: www.inpix.com.my & www.siewk.com